Simply put, they are Lab Grown diamonds. They are also known as Chemical Vapour Deposition diamonds or CVD diamonds/ High Pressure High Temperature diamonds or HPHT diamonds/ man-made diamonds/ cultured diamonds. These diamonds are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories. At Anantaa, we have termed these diamonds as ‘Conscious Diamonds’ as they are responsibly sourced and do not involve any human mining.

Conscious Diamonds are the same as Mined Diamonds.
Both are Diamonds. Both are Pure.


Conscious jewellery is our way of life at Anantaa. Our commitment to Conscious Diamonds began when we realised how they can be a potential game changer to sustain Earth’s environmental ecosystem and in the business of jewellery making. The revelation was life changing for us. It was only imperative that Anantaa’s jewellery be built using Conscious Diamonds as the foundation stones, quite literally!

A deep dive into the creation process of Conscious Diamonds revealed some marveling facts. Being lab created, they are completely eco-friendly, everlasting, pristine and pure. The lab technology mimics the Earth’s natural process of crystallizing carbon phases to create immaculate diamonds. These diamonds possess the exact same physical, chemical and optical properties as their mined counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost.

When You choose a Conscious Diamond,
You choose to change the world around You.


Q. Are Conscious Diamonds fake or synthetic?

A. It’s a common misconception that Conscious Diamonds/CVDs or lab grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds. Though lab-grown diamonds are not extracted from the Earth and instead, created in a laboratory, their cut, color, clarity, carat weight and chemical composition remain the same as mined diamonds.
Reputed international laboratories like GIA and IGI, certify them as real diamonds. As per FTC guidelines, any diamond is a diamond not because it is mined from the earth but because of the crystalline atomic structure of carbon atoms. The only difference is in the method of procurement and production.

Q. Do Conscious Diamonds adhere to any purity standards as the Mined Diamonds?

A. Yes. All Conscious Diamonds are Type II A diamonds. These are the most valued and the purest form of diamonds. Infact, according to GIA, only 2% of all Mined Diamonds fit this standard of purity.

Q. Are there any design restrictions when making jewellery using Conscious Diamonds?

A. Not at all. Conscious Diamonds provide a comforting flexibility to blend superior artisanship with innovation to create jewellery that is trendy, long lasting and easy to manage. These diamonds will display the same strength and durability for hundreds of years to come and can be handed down to the next generations.

Q. Do Conscious Diamonds fade ?

A. No, our Conscious Diamonds are as lustrous and last for a lifetime & more just as mined diamonds.

Q. How are Conscious Diamonds different from American diamonds and moissanite?

Conscious Diamonds/CVDs and Mined Diamonds are NOT similar to stimulants such as American Diamonds, Moissanite and any other such stones.
There are 2 basic parameters for distinction:
  1. Chemical composition: The atomic structure of Conscious Diamonds/CVD diamonds is completely different from that of American Diamonds and Moissanites. Since American Diamonds & Moissanites do not possess the crystalline carbon atomic structure they do not display the same hardness and durability as a Conscious Diamond/CVD diamond and hence they break over time or get damaged.
  2. Optical Properties: American Diamonds/Moissanites do not have a high refractive index as that of CVDs/ Diamonds. Thus they do not display the same everlasting brightness, shine and lustre.

You can easily observe scratches on the surface of such stimulants, even with a naked eye!

Q. What makes Conscious Diamonds ethical and planet friendly?

A. Conscious Diamonds use modest quantities of resources and have no negative environmental impact. They leave behind no mining footprint, thus making them an Ethical choice.

Q. Is there any humanitarian impact when creating Conscious Diamonds?

A. Conscious Diamonds are guaranteed Conflict Free or Cruelty Free. This is because they are made in meticulously controlled laboratory conditions instead of being mined from the Earth. They have no association to ‘blood diamonds’ (a term widely associated with diamonds mined from conflict regions) and do not involve any human mining.

Q. How are Conscious Diamonds more economical than Mined Diamonds?

A. Mining takes years of prospecting over hundreds of acres of land. The cost of heavy machinery along with human labour only adds to this cost.
In the case of Conscious Diamonds, advanced laboratories create these lab grown diamonds using superior technology which is free from the costs mentioned above for mined diamonds.
For a consumer, buying Conscious Diamonds is a financially prudent choice. When you buy a Conscious Diamond, you end up paying less than 50% of the money that you would pay for Mined Diamonds, for the same quality.

Q. Do Conscious Diamonds have a resale value?

A. Yes, they do have a resale value. The resale policy may change from time to time, depending on various market factors. But, we do offer our customers with services to remake their jewels to keep up with contemporary trends.
Please read our Lifetime Upgrade policy on the website to know more.

Q. Are Conscious Diamonds considered inferior in quality when compared to Mined Diamonds?

A. Buying an economical diamond in this case does not indicate lower quality, but reflects the advantages of advanced technology as there is no difference in any parameter between Conscious Diamonds and Mined Diamonds.

. Is CVD a temporary treatment?

A. The CVD process is the genesis of a diamond in the laboratory and is everlasting in nature. It is not a temporary treatment given to diamonds.

Q. Do Conscious Diamonds break or get damaged easily?

A. These diamonds are as durable, imperishable and timeless as the Mined Diamonds. A diamond is the hardest known substance to mankind. Infact, the only substance that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.

Q. Is jewellery made with Conscious Diamonds certified?

A. Each diamond jewellery created at Anantaa is certified by International Gemological Institute (IGI) or European Gemological Laboratory (EGL).

Q. Is there any lifetime service to upgrade diamond jewellery bought at Anantaa?

A. Yes. Our Lifetime Upgrade policy allows buy back, exchange or remake on Conscious Diamond jewellery purchased from Anantaa.