Our Story


About Anantaa

Anantaa means Eternal, Infinite or Endless. The name complements our passion to create jewellery that is timeless and sustainable for generations. The baton of inspiration was passed on to us by the legacy of our family concern,
Bherumal Shamandas, trusted since 1916.

We wanted to move beyond conventional jewellery-making and create something disruptive, yet compassionate. We, also, wanted to create handcrafted jewellery that is affordable and accessible to all. Our pedigree helped us understand that a diamond is a treasured sentiment passed onto generations to cherish. We found our answers in creating conscious jewellery using Lab Grown Diamonds or ‘Conscious Diamonds’ as we call them. And thus, Anantaa Diamonds was born.

At Anantaa, we are striving to create innovative and everlasting jewellery using Conscious Diamonds as the building blocks. Our diamonds are ethically sourced, planet friendly and involve no human mining, being lab grown. They possess the same properties and purity as mined diamonds, but at a cost that is more economical and pocket friendly. We believe our conscious jewellery will be a game changing revolution in creating affordable luxury.


Anantaa Diamonds is a collaborative creation by Prerana and Rohit Pahlajani of Bherumal Shamandas (trusted since 1916), who inherited their core values from their family concern. Anantaa was established in 2019, under the watchful guidance of their mentor and aunt, Dr. Mrs. Meena Pahlajani.

Prerana Pahlajani is a powerhouse of creativity with an eye for detail. An alumnus of London College of Fashion, Prerana worked at a footwear company for 7 years before graduating to her love for jewellery. She completed a course in diamonds from IGI and joined Bherumal Shamandas to gain practical knowledge and retail experience. With a vision to create a sustainable future coupled with a key sense of aesthetics, she co-founded Anantaa Diamonds with her husband, Rohit.

“Conscious Diamonds are a tribute to the love for one another and for our planet.”
- Prerana -

Rohit Pahlajani’s passion for jewellery started at a tender age of 13, when he often found himself in the office with his father. With over a decade of experience at his family concern, Bherumal Shamandas, climbing up through the ranks, he pursued a degree from IGI to gain a broader perspective into the world of diamonds, truly believing that a diamond is a treasured heirloom that can be passed onto future generations.

“Jewellery is an emotion at Anantaa. I believe its true value is defined by its sentimental worth.”
- Rohit -