Founded in 2019 by Rohit and Prerana Pahlajani, Anantaa is a tribute to our love for one another and our planet.

It all began when we realized the damaging impact of diamond mining on the environment and the people. The revelation was life-changing for us. That is why it was imperative that Anantaa's jewellery is created using only laboratory-grown diamonds, or as we termed them conscious diamonds. Using cutting edge technology, conscious diamonds are grown in a laboratory and are identical to mined diamonds in terms of crystal structure, chemical composition, appearance and physical properties. They are as beautiful as mined diamonds - yet conscious diamonds are eco-friendly and ethical.

At Anantaa, we use 100% recycled precious metals to minimize our footprint and diminish the negative impacts of metal mining without compromising the quality and beauty of our sustainable fine jewellery.

Conscious jewellery is Anantaa's way of life, and we believe that our jewellery will be a game-changing revolution in creating affordable luxury.